Why Do Crabs Walk Sideways? Here’s the Explanation

Why Do Crabs Walk Sideways? Here's the Explanation

DELTASION.com – Did you realize that crabs walk sideways? The way this
crab walks is certainly interesting and unique because it is different from
other animals. But actually, there are several types of crabs that can walk
forward like spider crabs that walk slowly.

Although there are crabs that walk forward, most crabs walk sideways. This
fact sparked the curiosity of many people. Why do crabs walk sideways?

Is the way a crab walks sideways affected by the shape of its legs or is it
true that crabs can’t walk other than sideways?

So, instead of guessing why crabs walk sideways, find a logical reason in this
explanation, come on!

Why do crabs walk sideways?

Why Do Crabs Walk Sideways? Here's the Explanation

The question of why crabs walk sideways is very interesting to be discussed in
more depth. Crabs themselves are said to have undergone a fairly long
evolutionary process.

As reported by Discover Wildlife, initially, crabs have bodies like shrimp and
lobster. However, this body shape is less than ideal because crabs cannot walk
quickly and practically. Moreover, if the crab is not in the water.

In addition, the way to walk is limited to just going forward. This method is
certainly not ideal. If it has legs like a lobster, then the crab will have
difficulty walking.

The crab’s tail was reduced drastically through the process of evolution.
Finally, crabs only have a small covering on the underside of their body.
After evolution too, some crab species became land crabs. Crabs can move
quickly on land to find food.

As reported by Science Focus, the reason crabs walk sideways is that this way
makes them move faster. You do this by flexing or bending the second joint on
each of the legs.

So instead of moving forward, the crab walks sideways. If it moves forward,
the crab actually runs slower.

Crab anatomy makes a big impact

Why Do Crabs Walk Sideways? Here's the Explanation

The reason why crabs walk sideways is also inseparable from the anatomy of the
crab itself. Launching Our Marine Species, crabs have evolved to have a wide
and flat body shape.

Then, the crab’s stomach becomes narrower. Meanwhile, the legs that are on the
side have an elongated position.

The number of crab legs is 10 legs which are spread on the sides of the body.
With such a body shape, it is easier for crabs to dig in the sand or enter
into narrow gaps.

On the other hand, crabs are more likely to walk sideways with this leg shape.
If it walks forward, the crab legs actually block each other.

Size is also the reason why crabs walk sideways. The shell functions as a body

Crabs will find it easier to walk sideways with a wide shell. By walking
sideways, crabs can be faster even though they have a large shell and many

So, crabs can’t walk forward, right? How to walk forward was less effective
for crabs that have many legs on the sides and a wide shell.

Crabs are quicker and easier to walk sideways.

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