5 Tips for Smooth and Fun Morning Sex, Wake Up Early!

5 Tips for Smooth and Fun Morning Sex, Wake Up Early!
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DELTASION.com – Sex in the morning can be a solution for those of you
who are tired at night. Instead of having intimate relationships less fun,
it’s better to sleep first and do it tomorrow. The problem is, the morning is
usually filled with activity.

How do you keep your sexual activity running smoothly and give satisfaction?
Poke your partner to prepare for tomorrow morning. Don’t make time limitations
to be selfish about satisfaction, OK? You have to reach it together.

1. Make sure you and your partner get enough sleep at night

5 Tips for Smooth and Fun Morning Sex, Wake Up Early!

An invitation to have sex in the morning can put your partner in a bad mood if
he hasn’t had enough rest. You yourself also become less powerful even though
lust starts to awaken. Therefore, you must first set the hours of rest at

In addition to the length of sleep, the quality must also be considered. There
is additional homework for those of you who always snore while sleeping. Even
though you can still sleep well, your partner’s sleep will be disturbed. You
may deliberately separate rooms in preparation for ‘fighting’ in the morning.

2. Get up early

5 Tips for Smooth and Fun Morning Sex, Wake Up Early!

Morning sex doesn’t seem like a suitable activity for the champion to wake up
late. That’s why learn to get up early on time from now on. The thing is, if
you and your partner want to have sex in the morning, you have to wake up

For example, you usually start your activities at 05.00. This means that at
least you have to get up 30 minutes earlier if you want to have sex first. The
goal is so that your activities don’t get messy, the kids get up in a hurry,
or the in-laws find it embarrassing if you leave your room later than usual.

3. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and pee first

5 Tips for Smooth and Fun Morning Sex, Wake Up Early!
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Mutual love does not mean that kissing with the typical smell of people just
waking up is as enjoyable as brushing your teeth. Don’t lose your appetite
just because of bad breath. Likewise, the face is sometimes oily after
sleeping all night.

After all, making love in full consciousness is more pleasant than half a soul
still in dreamland. Go to the bathroom first so that you are fresher and ready
to give your best to your partner. Peeing before sex also makes your moment
uninterrupted in the middle.

4. Not the right time to try sex positions

5 Tips for Smooth and Fun Morning Sex, Wake Up Early!

Except for weekends, you should have sex in the most comfortable style.
Although fun, experimenting with sex positions requires quite a lot of time
and effort. Avoid being too tired and not focusing while working.

Instead of trying different positions, concentrate on achieving satisfaction.
If you fail to be satisfied after trying lots of styles, then you’ll end up
feeling annoyed all day long. For the record, a comfortable sex position for
you must also be fun for your partner.

5. Must enjoy together even though the time is limited

5 Tips for Smooth and Fun Morning Sex, Wake Up Early!

Even if you wake up earlier, the time for morning sex isn’t as much as at
night. Control yourself so you don’t feel rushed. No one should be overly
aggressive in bed in pursuit of their own satisfaction.

If one is satisfied too quickly, the fear is that the partner will be
neglected and fail to get an orgasm. In addition, hasty penetration certainly
makes women uncomfortable and even painful. In limited time, heating is still

Morning sex will be the opening of a fun day if you are ready to do it and
understand each other’s condition. Remember that not every morning is the
right time for sex.

If your partner has a lot of important agendas that day, you should not force
him to make love. He can be less relaxed and find sexual activity in the
morning more annoying than pleasurable.

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