Italy Confirms Germany Receives 32 Survivors from Migrant Boat Tragedy

Italy Confirms Germany Receives 32 Survivors from Migrant Boat Tragedy
REUTERS/Remo Casilli – On Friday, March 31, 2023, Italian authorities and
the United Nations confirmed that Germany had received 32 survivors from a
migrant boat that sank in the southern region of Italy last month. The
incident took place near Cutro, in the Calabria region, and it is considered
one of the deadliest maritime accidents in Italian territorial waters, with
over 90 people losing their lives on February 26.

The Survivors and Relocation

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi stated in a parliamentary
session on March 7, 2023, that a total of 80 people survived the accident.
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) helped arrange charter
flights for 32 of the survivors to Hamburg. The IOM expressed satisfaction
with supporting the relocation efforts under the European Union’s voluntary
solidarity mechanism on Twitter.

According to the ANSA news agency, the 32 survivors included 28 Afghans,
two Syrians, one Iraqi, and one Somali. They will join their relatives
already living in Germany, and they can apply for asylum, according to an
IOM spokesman.

Accusations Against Italian Authorities

Italy’s far-right government has faced criticism for its handling of the
migrant crisis and calls from other EU member countries to accept more
migrants. The Italian authorities are facing allegations that they are not
doing enough to prevent migrant shipwrecks, but Rome has denied the

The Humanitarian Crisis

The tragedy in Cutro is another example of the humanitarian crisis that
migrants face when trying to reach Europe from North Africa. The journey is
often perilous, and many lose their lives in the process. The situation has
worsened since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with countries imposing
restrictions that have made the journey even more dangerous.

The Need for EU-Wide Solutions

The migrant crisis is not a problem that Italy can solve alone, and it
requires EU-wide solutions. Countries need to cooperate and share the burden
of the crisis. Italy and other countries at the EU’s southern border have
borne the brunt of the crisis, and it is time for other member countries to
show solidarity and support.

The Role of the EU

The EU has taken steps to address the crisis, such as the establishment of
the European Border and Coast Guard Agency and the creation of the European
Union Agency for Asylum. However, these measures are not enough, and more
needs to be done to support countries at the EU’s southern borders.

The Need for Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive solutions that address the root causes of the crisis are
necessary. The EU needs to work with the countries of origin to address
issues such as poverty, conflict, and political instability. This will
reduce the number of people who feel compelled to make the dangerous journey
to Europe.

The Importance of Human Rights

The migrant crisis is a humanitarian issue, and it is essential to uphold
the human rights of migrants. Countries need to ensure that migrants are
treated with dignity and respect and that their rights are protected. This
includes ensuring that they have access to medical care, legal support, and
safe and humane living conditions.


The tragedy in Cutro is a reminder of the ongoing migrant crisis and the
need for EU-wide solutions. Countries need to work together to address the
root causes of the crisis, support countries at the EU’s southern borders,
and uphold the human rights of migrants.

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