How to Use an Ice Pack on an Air Cooler for Optimal Coolness – An air cooler is an electronic product that functions as a room cooler by producing moisture that moisturizes. This tool provides better coolness than a fan, but at a level below the air conditioner (AC).

Water, which is used as the main ingredient to increase air humidity, can function much better if it is equipped with an ice pack. So, how to use an ice pack on an air cooler should not be done haphazardly.

How to Use an Ice Pack on an Air Cooler for Optimal Coolness
How to Use an Ice Pack on an Air Cooler for Optimal Coolness

There are a number of tips on using an ice pack to make it work optimally at low temperatures. You can start by following the following summary of information!

Get to know the ice pack that you have

Ice packs are ready-to-use portable ice packs filled with cooling liquids and gels that can support lowering the temperature to cool things down. There are many types of ice packs on the market, but the majority of air coolers are equipped with sturdy ice packs that can be used repeatedly.

Usually, there are 2-4 ice packs for the purchase of each air cooler item, depending on the brand of the manufacturer marketing it. Apart from the default products, you can also buy additional or replacement ice packs, in case the old one is not functioning optimally.

Ice packs come in various sizes, from small, medium to large. If you buy a new ice pack, make sure it fits in the water cooler tank.

Prepare an ice pack

The first step in preparing an ice pack is to open the lid, then add about 200 ml of water to it. You have to shake the solution so that all the ingredients in the ice pack are thoroughly mixed. If when mixing there is air coming in, then you need to remove the air through the ice-pack water channel.

Well, if you feel that the solution has managed to mix well, you have to let it sit for one hour. This process is important as a preparatory step for using an ice pack. So, make sure to do this.

Freeze the ice pack

Ice packs are instant coolers that require a freezing process to be used. Well, the second step in preparing an ice pack is to cool it in the freezer until it becomes frozen.

The duration needed to freeze the ice pack will depend on the size of the ice pack. However, on average it takes 3-4 hours for the ice pack to freeze completely. When it’s frozen, the ice pack is ready to be used for the air cooler.

Put the ice pack in the water tank

The next step, we can move on to install the ice pack on the air cooler.

First of all, take a water tank and drain its contents. You can clean by shaking the water in the tank and then throwing it away. You can wipe the remains of water and dirt with a clean cloth. After making sure the water tank is ready for use, you can put the ice pack in the tank.

Then add enough water, until the water has covered the ice pack. Until this point, you can reattach the tank to the air cooler.

Turn on the air cooler

After the ice pack is properly installed in the water tank, you are ready to turn on the air cooler. Connect to the power cable, then press the power button to activate the machine.

Wait a few minutes, then turn on the humidifier feature by pressing the button. This feature can make the air cooler release water vapor so it can cool the room.

Check whether the airflow released is cool enough to be enjoyed. If the cold is appropriate, then the ice pack works well in the water cooler tank.

Check the ice pack regularly

For air cooler users, it is important to understand that this tool cannot be used continuously without giving it a break. Unlike the case with fans, air coolers work by producing cold steam from the water tank. This means that within a few hours, the water will run out and need to be refilled.

The same thing happens with ice packs, where after 4-7 hours of use the ice pack will return to normal temperature and melt like its initial form. This is why it is important to check the water tank periodically so that the water supply does not run out completely.

We recommend that when the ice pack is no longer frozen, stop using the air cooler temporarily. Apart from adding water, you need to replace it with a new ice pack that has been frozen.

Learning how to use an ice pack on an air cooler is very useful if you want to get optimal machine effectiveness. This information can guide you to make the right tips and take precautions to make the air cooler last longer. Have a try!

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