How to Care for an Android Smartphone So that It Lasts – They don’t know that how to care for an Android smartphone is very important so that the smartphone is durable and not easily damaged. How to take care of your cell phone so it doesn’t slow down is actually quite easy and not too difficult. It’s just that sometimes we are lazy to do it.

Currently, many people use smartphones as their daily assistant media. Using a cellphone helps their daily activities, but sometimes they forget that smartphones also need maintenance.

So, for those of you who want your Android cellphone to be durable and long-lasting, please read this article until the end because we will share tips for caring for your Android cellphone.

How to Take Care of Your Android Smartphone So It’s Not Slow

How to Care for an Android Smartphone So that It Lasts
How to Care for an Android Smartphone So that It Lasts

The following is a way to keep your Android smartphone durable and long-lasting. With the following tips, your smartphone will maintain its quality so that it can be used for a long time.

Use Screen Protector on the Screen

To maintain the durability of our smartphone, you need to use a Tempered Glass or screen protector so that if a scratch occurs, it is pressed down to fall, then our main screen will be safe.

What’s broken is definitely our Screen Protector, for those of you who like to be wishy-washy it’s a good idea to use a screen protector on your cellphone just in case.

Use a Casing to Protect the HP Body

The body is the most vulnerable part of a cellphone, therefore we must protect this part with a casing so that if things happen that are unexpected, our smartphone body remains safe.

We can use Hardcase or softcase to care for HP and protect the HP body, this is one way to keep HP durable and smooth as new.

Don’t Play Games while Charging the Battery

When you are charging, never use your cellphone to play games or open heavy applications such as video/photo editors because this can damage the battery quickly due to an inappropriate power load.

So for those of you who want their smartphone to be durable and long lasting, avoid playing games while charging the battery.

Delete Unimportant Widgets

The next way to take care of your cellphone so it doesn’t slow down is to remove useless widgets on your cellphone. By removing this widget, the system load on the cellphone will be reduced so that the cellphone doesn’t lag.

Application Control

Apart from deleting widgets on smartphones, we can also do tips on caring for a cellphone so it doesn’t slow down by controlling applications that are already on the cellphone.

Then also make sure you always update these applications regularly in the Playstore and delete applications that are rarely used / useless so that your storage memory can be more relieved and the CPU RAM is also not too burdened because the average application currently runs automatically in the background.


You have read how to take care of a new cell phone from Delta Tech, by doing these cell phone maintenance tips, your smartphone can be more durable and can be used for quite a long time.

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