How to Move Contacts from Android to iPhone (Accurate) – For those who want to switch mobile devices from
different platforms such as from Android to iPhone, it is necessary to
transfer important data. Like the existing contact data on the old phone to
the new phone. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to move contacts from
android to iPhone accurately, so that you don’t have to manually move one by

However, how to move contacts from android to iPhone is rarely understood by
gadget users. As a result, many of the users, still perform manual transfers
which are clearly ineffective and at risk of being missed. Based on this, in
this review will be presented a number of alternatives that are expected to
help, as follows:

1. Import from Card

The first alternative way to move contacts from Android to iPhone is to take
advantage of the import contact feature from the card. Although fairly simple,
it is quite effective for users to do by:

  • Do the transfer of all the contact data of the android phone to the sim card
    that is still installed;
  • If so, remove the sim card from the android and move on to the iPhone
  • Find and select the settings menu, then click contacts;
  • When the prompt appears, look for the option to import contacts then click;
  • Users just have to wait until the contact import process ends.

2. Apps Move to iOS

Second, this contact transfer can also be run with the help of apps called
Move to iOs. This app is a solution for people who don’t want to be
complicated with manual transfers, by following these steps:

  • Run the Move to iOS app that has been installed on the android phone;
  • Turn on the iPhone device for the first time and select the option to move
    data from android;
  • After that, you will be asked to enter a password;
  • If successful login, then these two gadgets will be directly connected; and
  • Users just wait for the data transfer process is complete.

3. Using Google Mail

As we all know, Google Mail is the main thing that is often used by users of
both Android and iPhone phones. As it turns out, this can also be an easy
alternative for contact transfer purposes by executing a few instructions,


  • First, go to the settings menu on your android phone and select the Google
  • After that find and select the account service, then click sync contacts;
  • Make sure that the Google contacts auto-sync menu and device contact sync
    are on;
  • After that turn on the iPhone and enter the settings menu;
  • Find and select contact options, then click account, and select add account;
  • Select Google, after that just login like on a synced android device;
  • If it is successful, the newly added account will appear, the user just
    needs to open it and choose which data to move; and
  • Wait until the transfer process is complete.

4. Use AnyTrans

Furthermore, the transfer of contact and other data can also be easily done
through an application called AnyTrans. Many users recommend using this
application because of its ease of operation as follows:

  • Run the AnyTrans apps that have been installed on the laptop and select the
    available iOs mover menu;
  • Connect both iPhone and Android devices to the laptop device with a USB
    cable and make sure it is in the USB Debugging mode;
  • If the device scanning is successful, then all you have to do is select the
    android data you want to transfer to the iPhone, either iTunes or others;
  • Wait for the transfer process to end.

5. Via Other Apps

In addition to these methods, there are actually other ways that can also be
used to transfer data from Android to iPhone. Namely by utilizing the help of
applications provided by third parties. Examples are the My Contacts Back up
application and the Copy My Data Apps which have been widely used by users
because they are considered practical.

Well, that was the variety of ways to move contacts from Android to iPhone
that you can try. Both using the default application and using third-party
assistance have also been explained. Now, users no longer need to be tired of
having to move important data like contacts manually.

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