Black Blank Laptop Screen? This Cause & How To Overcome It!

Black Blank Laptop Screen? This Cause & How To Overcome It! – Black laptop screen when power on? If you have
experienced this problem, it means you are not alone, friend.

Blank laptop screen problems are common when booting or entering Windows, even
if the fan, hard disk, or power indicator light is on.

Of course, this condition can cause panic for some people, especially if they
don’t know the reason why the laptop screen suddenly goes blank.

>But, calm down! Jaka will explain why the laptop screen turns black when
turned on, and how to fix it on a Windows 10 laptop or other operating system.
Listen, come on!

1. How to Overcome a Black Laptop Screen by Checking Screen Conditions

If the sound of the engine component of the laptop is still audible but the
screen is blank or black, then it could be the source of the main problem on
the screen.

The way to make sure is to press the combination key on the keyboard. Here’s a
guide to check the condition of the laptop screen:

  1. Press the CapsLock or NumLock key.
  2. Check the button status light is on or not.
  3. If it’s on, press and hold Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B.
  4. If Windows is responsive, a brief “beep” will appear.

If the status light does not turn on or the “beep” sound does not appear, you
will have to press the “Power” button for 10 seconds. The goal is to
forcefully shut down the laptop or force shut down.

After that, unplug the adapter and wait after 30 seconds. If it is enough, you
can restart your laptop. Usually, the screen will turn back on normally.

Another way that can be done is to connect the laptop screen to an external
display, such as a computer or TV, by connecting a VGA port or an HDMI port.

If an image appears on the external screen, you can be sure that your laptop’s
LCD has a problem. On the other hand, if the image does not appear, there may
be damage to the VGA.

Another way you can do is direct the flashlight around the laptop screen. If
you see text or images, the only problem is the light on the laptop screen.

2. How to Solve a Black Laptop Screen by Setting the Screen Resolution

Screen resolution settings that exceed the laptop’s capabilities, especially
on low-spec laptops can be the cause of a blank laptop screen.

Here’s a guide to overcoming a black laptop screen by setting the screen

  1. Turn on the laptop.
  2. Press and hold F8 until the laptop enters Safe Mode.
  3. Right-click, select Properties (Windows 7 and 8) or Display Settings
    (Windows 10).
  4. Choose a screen resolution from small to large.
  5. Change the screen resolution to the Recommended option, then restart the

3. How to Solve Black Laptop Screen by Setting BIOS to Default Mode

One way to solve the laptop screen is on but the screen is black is to enter
the BIOS. This step is considered quite effective and the success rate is

Here’s how to enter the BIOS to solve a blank laptop screen:

  1. Turn on the laptop.
  2. Press the F2, F8, F11, or Delete key.
  3. On the BIOS page, go to the Exit menu > Load Defaults > OK.
  4. Press the Save Changes and Exit option.

Besides going into the BIOS settings, you can also remove the CMOS
(Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) battery and put it back in after a
few minutes.

This is because when the CMOS battery is removed, the BIOS configuration will
return to normal in default mode.

4. How to Overcome a Black Laptop Screen by Uninstalling Suspicious Software

Usually, someone installs software that must be installed to facilitate
their work.

However, applications that are not supported by the system can cause the
laptop screen to turn on but there is no display. So, you have to delete the

Here’s how to uninstall suspicious software or applications:

  1. Turn on the laptop.
  2. Press and hold F8 to enter Safe Mode.
  3. Uninstall the software that causes black laptop screen.
  4. Restart the laptop.

If the screen returns to normal, then the problem is indeed caused by
inappropriate software. So, check carefully, yes!

5. How to Fix Black Laptop Screen by Entering Registry Editor

How to solve a black laptop screen in Windows 10 and other versions can also
use the Registry Editor. You can see the full method below!

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the keyboard, then click Start Task Manager.
  2. Select File and click on New Task (Run…). 
  3. In the Create New Task window, type “regedit”, then type OK.
  4. In the Registry Editor, locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder.
  5. Select the Software > Microsoft > Windows folder.
  6. Select the CurrentVersion > Explorer folder.
  7. Delete the ExplorerStartupTraceRecorder file.
  8. If so, restart your laptop.

6. How to Overcome a Black Laptop Screen by Cleaning RAM

Apart from software, hardware problems can also be the reason why the laptop
screen is black when turned on.

Here’s how to clean RAM on a laptop briefly:

  1. Turn on the laptop.
  2. Open the Run program, type ‘temp’.
  3. Select the files to be deleted.
  4. Open Run program again, type ‘%temp%’.
  5. Press Ctrl + A, delete the entire file/folder.

If you need a more complete guide on how to clean RAM, please read Jaka’s
article entitled “How to Clean a Full & Dirty Laptop RAM” or click the
link below.

7. How to solve a black laptop screen by changing the screen

If all the ways to overcome the laptop black screen above still don’t work,
the last way you can do is replace the laptop screen with a new one.

Try to buy a laptop screen that is completely new, because in terms of quality
it will be different from a second laptop screen.

In addition, make sure before buying, you already understand the type of
monitor on your laptop. So, don’t buy the wrong one, OK!

Causes of Black Laptop Screen

It must be annoying when you have a black laptop screen problem even though
you have to get to work right away, especially if you don’t know why the
laptop screen suddenly turns black.

Usually, when this problem occurs, the laptop screen is blank with only a
cursor. Other displays on the desktop don’t appear, so we can’t do anything.

How to fix the screen does not appear is actually easy. You must first know
the cause of the blank laptop. You can see Jaka’s explanation of the two

1. Problem with RAM

If you’ve ever removed RAM from its slot, it could be that the RAM position is
not installed properly or doesn’t fit properly. Any changes to the hardware
can affect the boot process.

In addition to the incorrect position of the RAM, the problem of a blank black
laptop screen when turned on may be caused by damaged RAM.

This could be because the RAM usage period on your laptop has been long, so it
needs to be replaced with a new one.

2. Corrupt in BIOS

Although it happens quite rarely, it doesn’t mean that a black laptop screen
can’t be caused by an error that occurs in the BIOS (Basic Input/Output

BIOS is the program used by the microprocessor to start the system on a laptop
after it is turned on. Therefore, if it is corrupted, the laptop screen will
be black when turned on.

3. Damage to VGA

Another reason laptop screen is black after starting Windows is VGA (Video
Graphics Array) experiencing artifacts.

What is an artifact? This means that colorful lines appear on the desktop
screen and sometimes hangs.

In addition, damage to the VGA can also result in No Display, ie the screen
does not display any image after the laptop is turned on.

4. Damage to the Screen Connector Cable

A blank screen can also be caused by a flexible cable on the laptop screen that
has problems, such as broken or not installed properly.

Besides being able to cause the screen to go black, a damaged screen
connecting cable can also cause a blank white or gray laptop screen.

5. Damage to Hardware

Damage to hardware, such as a laptop screen or motherboard can also be the
cause of a blank screen on a laptop.

If all the laptop components that ApkVenue mentioned above are fine, it could
be that your laptop screen is damaged.

In addition, the motherboard is also often the cause of the black screen on
the laptop when it is turned on. The reason for the damage can also be
different on each laptop.

The final word

Well, those are some of the causes of a blank laptop screen and how to return
a black laptop screen to normal.

Hopefully Jaka’s explanation above can help you in overcoming a blank laptop
screen, yes! Good luck!

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