The 7 Best Websites for Downloading Instagram Photos and Videos Here are some websites for downloading Instagram photos and videos that you can try!

Sometimes, there are Instagram photos or videos that we really want to download but we don’t know how. Relax, there are several ways that are super practical and effortless, namely downloading via certain websites.

We don’t need to bother installing the application first. Just copy and paste the link, then hit download.

1. SnapInsta. App

Websites for Downloading Instagram

This website supports all types of Instagram photo or video links. Starting from posting feeds, Reels, Stories, to IGTV. You can get everything without logging-in. Just copy and paste the link and click download.

There is no need to be afraid of being compressed because the resolution and quality of the photos or videos that we save are maintained as the original. The download speed is very high and files can be obtained in seconds.

2. iGrams

Websites for Downloading Instagram

To access this website, enter a browser or browser on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Then, type “” in the search field.

The way it works is the same as the previous website, namely copy and paste the Instagram link then press download. All operating systems can access this website, starting from Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and others.

3. Toolzu

Websites for Downloading Instagram

This website is a little different from the others. They provide an option to download profile photos with crisp and crisp results. In fact, this website can download profile photos of users who have locked their accounts (private accounts).

Don’t worry because our actions will not be caught. Our identity is protected because we don’t need to log-in. There is a bulk downloader feature that allows us to be able to store up to 12 photos or videos at one time.

4. IGDownloader

Websites for Downloading Instagram

Instead of painstakingly taking low-quality screenshots, it’s better to use this website to download Instagram videos or photos. No log-in required and 100 percent free!

There is a profile downloader feature to download several posts at once at one time. Just enter the username of the account you want to download then press enter and wait a moment.

5. SSS Instagram

Websites for Downloading Instagram

Compared to some of the other websites previously mentioned, the Instagram SSS display looks simple. There aren’t many confusing icons or buttons.

What makes it different from other websites is the feature to download Instagram carousels. Quoting Sprout Social, a carousel is a post that contains more than one photo or video that can be viewed by swiping left.

6. SnapSave. App

Websites for Downloading Instagram

Another website that you can try is SnapSave.App. Its features are more or less the same as the others, such as downloading photos or videos from feeds, Reels, and IGTV at high speed.

SnapSave.App supports all types of devices (smartphone, tablet or PC) and all OS (iOS and Android) without installing any software. No need to spend a penny alias free!

7. Save Instagram

Websites for Downloading Instagram

Finally, Save Instagram, which is located at Standard download options, such as photos, videos, Reels, Stories, and display pictures (DP).

For those who like stalking, you will breathe a sigh of relief. This is because there is an Instagram story viewer feature where we can view stories and highlights anonymously by simply entering a username. As long as the account is not private, yes!

So, those are some of the best websites to download Instagram photos or videos for free and don’t need to log-in. Come on, make the best use of it!

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