5 Best Countries for Solo Traveling, Friendly to Newcomers!

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DELTASION.com – Some of us may not have thought of trying solo
traveling, especially to faraway places for several reasons. The most common
reason is because of safety and convenience.

Some people may feel afraid that it will be difficult to communicate because
of language differences. Besides that, worry about experiencing some
unpleasant things.

Although traveling alone or solo traveling can cause anxiety and fear,
overall, solo traveling offers many fun and fulfilling experiences. There are
challenges with careful preparation, such as determining the destination far
in advance.

Of the many destination countries, based on a global survey released by the
U.S. News in September 2022, there are five best countries for solo traveling.
Friendly culture, easy transportation, delicious food, and relatively high
security make these five countries highly recommended for solo travel.

1. Spain

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Even though the capital of Spain, Barcelona, is known as a capital city with a
high rate of pickpocketing, that reason doesn’t make tourists reluctant to
make this country the best country for solo traveling. Why did it happen?

Overall, Spain has many factors that make it suitable for solo traveling,
especially its culture which is known to be friendly in the eyes of foreign
tourists. In fact, tourists feel that all people who visit Spain don’t need to
worry and be afraid when they get lost or lose their luggage, because often
the local people will be willing to help when needed.

For solo travelers, this is of course an important factor because it can
create a safer and more comfortable feeling while traveling in this country.
In addition, in Spain, it is very easy to find road and transportation
infrastructure that makes it easier for tourists to find routes, find tourist
destinations, and the nearest transportation.

2. Italy

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Italy is famous for its world-famous delicacies, such as pizza, pasta, and
gelato. It is a special attraction for tourists, especially solo travelers, to
be able to taste local cuisine and explore Italian culinary culture directly.
Apart from its culinary delights, Italy is also known for its worldwide
historical heritage.

The best countries for solo traveling definitely have more value in terms of
infrastructure, transportation, security, and friendliness. Likewise with
Italy. Now this country has a mature tourism infrastructure thanks to its
popularity as a major foreign tourist destination since the 17th century.

Not without reason, Italy has many cities and tourist attractions that are
full of history, culture, and art. These include cities such as Rome,
Florence, Venice, and Pisa, which offer many museums, art galleries, churches,
and historic Tuscan-style buildings.

3. Greece

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Not many people know that Greece is the oldest country in the world. Yep,
Greece is considered the oldest country in the world because it has a rich and
long history. For 2,500 years, the country was the center of civilization and
had a profound influence on philosophy, science, art, and politics around the

Famous philosophers and figures, such as Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates, came
from Greece. Against this backdrop, Greece has so many beautiful tourist
destinations to explore, such as Santorini, visiting the Acropolis, and the
home of the ancient oracle, Delphi.

Many solo travelers choose to visit Greece at the start of summer and at the
end of summer, namely in May and September. Reportedly, at these times, many
accommodations and tourist destinations offer more affordable prices and
better weather with less crowded conditions.

4. New Zealand


Before entering the COVID-19 pandemic, taking a vacation to New Zealand had
become a trend among Indonesian artists. Not only among Indonesian artists,
but in several countries, solo traveling to New Zealand has also become a
trend. Especially since the implementation of visa-free for tourists who meet
the conditions and criteria that have been set.

This convenience makes many foreign tourists, especially solo travelers, come
to live in New Zealand for several months. So, meeting a solo traveler is
common in this country.

New Zealand is classified as a small country with a relatively small
population. Therefore, you will not find densely populated areas in this
country. However, you will more often find plantations, farms, stunning
mountains, and clear rivers without having to fear getting lost.


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Australia has also been named the best country for solo travelers. Especially
for tourists who are doing solo traveling for the first time. Just like in New
Zealand, in Australia, you will also easily meet fellow solo travelers.

Moreover, Australia does use English as its main language. This certainly
makes it easy for foreign tourists to communicate and find information while
on vacation in this kangaroo country.

The high interest in solo traveling in Australia has made quite a number of
tour companies in this country provide special facilities and prices for solo
travelers, ranging from the cheapest facilities to luxurious facilities.

In addition, the crime rate in Australia, especially among tourists, also
tends to be minimal. Even though the crime rate in these countries tends to be
lower, that doesn’t mean you can neglect your safety and the things you take
with you while on vacation.

Apart from these five countries, of course, there are many more of the best
countries for your version of solo traveling. If you had the opportunity to
travel solo, which country would you visit?

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