6 Love Stories That Ended Tragic in the Naruto Series

6 Love Stories That Ended Tragic in the Naruto Series

Deltasion.com – In addition to telling about Naruto Uzumaki’s journey
to become hokage, the love story in this anime is also interesting to discuss.
Like the main character, Naruto Uzumaki, who married Hinata Hyuga in the
ending of the Naruto Shipudden anime, and Naruto’s comrades also found their
respective love stories. However, there are also some characters whose love
stories are not happy and even end tragically.

Here are 6 love stories that ended tragically in the Naruto anime series that
are interesting to discuss, how is the story? Here’s the review!

1. Obito Uchiha with Rin Nohara

6 Love Stories That Ended Tragic in the Naruto Series

In childhood, Obito and Rin with Kakashi often spent time together. Obito is
always eager to get Rin’s attention and wants to always impress her. Rin also
always pays attention and encourages Obito who wants to become Hokage in the
future. Obito who loves Rin very much had to suppress his feelings when he
found out that Rin liked Kakashi more.

In the Second Shinobi World War, when Kakashi and Obito managed to save Rin
from being kidnapped in a cave, the cave around them was destroyed by an
Iwagakure Shinobi jutsu that they managed to defeat. Obito realized that
Kakashi would be hit by a falling rock, Obito pushed him out and stuck in
place. The dying Obito giving Kakashi the Sharingan eye as a gift has become a
Jounin and promises to always take care of Rin.

Obito who was actually saved by White Zetsu on the orders of old Madara. In
between healing, White Zetsu told Obito that Kakashi and Rin would be killed
by the Kirigakure ninja. Obito when he reached his destination saw Kakashi who
stuck his Chidori into Rin’s heart. Rin’s death caused each of their
Sharingans to activate into the Mangeky Sharingan.

Enraged by what happened, Obito used his Kamui Mangeky Sharingan and Wood
Release to slaughter the Kirigakure ninja. When the Kirigakure Ninjas died,
Obito hugged the lifeless Rin and ignored the unconscious Kakashi.

2. Itachi Uchiha with Izumi Uchiha

6 Love Stories That Ended Tragic in the Naruto Series

Itachi and Izumi are friends at the academy, they are also from the same
clan, the Uchiha. Itachi, who was often bullied by his academic friends who
were jealous of his genius, was often defended by Izumi Uchiha.

In terms of ability, Izumi was able to master the Sharingan first than
Itachi because he lost his father in the Nine-Tails attack on
Konohagakure. Over time, Izumi who wanted to express her love was hampered
because Itachi joined the Anbu group.

In the Uchiha massacre incident, Itachi used Tsukoyomi to create the
illusion of Izumi that in the future they would live happily as husband
and wife in the village of Konoha as well as the Uchiha clan living
peacefully mingling with society.

3. Asuma Sarutobi with Kurenai Yuhi

6 Love Stories That Ended Tragic in the Naruto Series

Asuma’s closeness with Kurenai occurred when they were still in the
academy, in fact the two of them were on a genin team with Raidou
Naminashi. In fact, Kakashi who has a cold character once asked if Asuma
and Kurenai were dating. Their relationship seemed closed and several
times Asuma caught his friends and students being alone with Kurenai or
just buying flowers.

Knowing that an Akatsuki member entered the Fire Nation area, 20 teams
were ordered to find and stop the movement of the Akatsuki members. Of the
20 search teams, only Asuma’s team along with Shikamaru, Kotetsu and Izumo
met Hidan and Kakuzu.

Asuma, who was also the team leader, felt overwhelmed by Hidan’s power
beyond their comprehension, Asuma had to die because he was cursed by
Hidan’s “strange” ritual. The moment of emotion occurred when Asuma gave
Shikamaru the last words that the King actually existed in the next
generation and Kurenai was pregnant with a child who would later be named
Mirai Sarutobi.

4. Hayate Gekkou with Yugao Izuki

6 Love Stories That Ended Tragic in the Naruto Series

Gekkou Hayate is the best swordsman who is in the same class as Kakashi
Hatake at the academy and Yugao Uzuki is a member of the Anbu who is part
of the Ro team with Kakashi Hatake as the captain. The beginning of their
meeting was when Hayate trained Yugao in learning sword techniques after
Yugao became an Anbu and their feelings developed into lovers over time.

Their love journey ended tragically because Hayate died as a result of
knowing that there would be a conspiracy between the village of Suna and
Kabuto. In the Fourth Shinobi World War, Gekkou Hayate was also revived by
Kabuto with edo tensei.

Hayate manages to steal the elite ninja’s corpse but Yugao prevents it and
they have to fight. Hayate almost stabbed Yugao but managed to make his
sword stab miss and Yugao managed to stab him and made Hayate fall down
later. They thought back to the promise on the crescent moon night just
before Hayate went to spy on Kabuto.

5. Tsunade with Dan Kato

6 Love Stories That Ended Tragic in the Naruto Series

Before becoming the fifth Hokage, in his youth Tsunade along with Jiraiya
and Orochimaru were given the title Shanin by Hanzou because they managed
to survive when facing him. Tsunade also has a lover named Dan Kato who
dreams of becoming a Hokage. Seeing Dan’s persistence in wanting to become
Hokage, Tsunade presented him with a necklace from his grandfather who was
the founder and first hokage.

After that in the Second Shinobi World War, Dan was so badly injured that
Tsunade tried to save him but ended up in vain. And died because his
injuries were too severe. Tsunade then adopted Dan’s niece, Shizune, as a
student and left the village.

6. Kaguya Otsutsuki with Emperor Tenji

6 Love Stories That Ended Tragic in the Naruto Series

Their first meeting occurred when Tenji saw kaguya coming from a fallen
star, like an angel. The Emperor seems to like Kaguya and allows Kaguya to
continue living in the palace and begins to fall in love with her.

Rumors of their relationship spread and reached Ka No Kuni’s country and
planned to kidnap Kaguya. But instead Kaguya killed the entire army of ka
no kuni with the power of her god.

In order to prevent a war from happening because it was considered a
violation of the agreement with the Ka No Kuni country, Tenji decided to
betray his lover and was afraid of Kaguya’s power. Feeling threatened,
Kaguya immediately eats the fruit of the god tree to release Mugen
Tsukoyomi and the whole country is trapped in a dream. Including Tenji and
he didn’t realize Kaguya was pregnant with Hagoromo and Hamura.

Well, those are the six most tragic love stories in Naruto Shippuden. Is
there another love story that is no less tragic than the six love stories

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