5 Things to Look For When You Have a Girlfriend with an Only Child

5 Things to Look For When You Have a Girlfriend with an Only Child

DELTASION.com – An only child is synonymous with the various privileges
he has. Because in the eyes of ordinary people, an only child must be the
favorite of his parents. The impression of being spoiled was not separated
from the only child.

Apart from various privileges, the stigma of being spoiled, and your favorite
child, many things need to be considered when you have a boyfriend who is an
only child. What are they? Check out the explanation below so you don’t
mistreat your boyfriend who is an only child.

1. Usually living alone, it’s sometimes difficult for an only child to share

Sometimes, an only child does get more attention from their parents because
they are the only child. Since childhood, the only child used to get
everything as a whole. For example, buying one ice cream, he does not need to
share it with other relatives. So that sometimes an only child becomes
difficult to share as adults.

As boyfriends, we must understand that when we buy something for him, don’t
ask for it or borrow it unless he offers it. Because if you are forced to
share or lend things, you can be in a bad mood all day. You don’t want your
date to turn into a mess just a matter of asking for a sip of iced boba, do

2. Some are very independent, and some are very spoiled. There’s no

5 Things to Look For When You Have a Girlfriend with an Only Child

Not all only children get the privilege of attention and are spoiled by their
parents. For those who can’t, independence is the ninja’s way of survival. How
come? There are no siblings to rely on when parents don’t pay enough
attention. So this only child was forced to be independent at an early age.

It’s no wonder that an adult, an only child who used to be independent since
childhood, can become a more independent person when he grows up. As a
boyfriend, we must understand this matter. Keep paying attention to him
because that’s what he needed for a long time. But, when he wants to be alone,
for example watching movies or shopping alone, still allows it. Because of
this independent nature can not be restrained.

3. Getting used to having no rivals at home makes an only child stubborn

5 Things to Look For When You Have a Girlfriend with an Only Child

An only child certainly has no sibling rivals at home. So that he is used to
getting what he wants quite easily. His parents only heard the opinion of one
child. For example, when asked where to go on vacation, the only child’s
answer will be obeyed. This makes the only child feel that he always wins.

So that when they grow up, an only child will be stubborn and often impose
their own will. As a good boyfriend, the way to handle this kind of only-child
boyfriend is to always give him a choice. For example, what do you want to
eat, don’t immediately say yes to his request? Give options, for example,
Italian or Japanese food. If you have a different opinion, say it. So that the
boyfriend of an only child gets used to listening to other people’s opinions
and does not impose his will.

4. Because they are only children, parents become super protective

5 Things to Look For When You Have a Girlfriend with an Only Child

One thing that is certain about an only child is that he is the most loved
child by the family. Especially by his mother. It’s no wonder that mothers and
fathers of only children are protective. Because an only child is like a gem
that must be guarded. Don’t be surprised if you have a boyfriend who is an
only child, his parents will ask you to come to his house. Because parents
want to know more deeply who is the person who invites their child out on a
date or just for a walk.

Besides that, if you already know the parents, get ready to get a call or chat
with them. Usually, they will ask where you are going and what time you will
be back. It might seem annoying, but that’s proof of a parent’s love for their
only child. Do not let a boyfriend, lie to the parents of only children.

5. If you hurt an only child, go forward and defend the family

5 Things to Look For When You Have a Girlfriend with an Only Child

And the last thing is not to hurt an only child. Sometimes an only child looks
tough on the outside. However, his heart is very fragile. Because an only
child is not used to feeling uncomfortable, let alone hurt. Especially those
who get love and full attention from their parents. When an only child is
heartbroken, it’s not only him who is hurt, but his parents as well.

Only children also tend to be close to their parents. So that he will tell all
the problems that happened to him. If the parents know that you hurt the only
child, get ready to be terrorized by the statement, why did it come to that?
Or the parents will immediately blacklist you from the list of people who are
allowed to approach their children.

Indeed, not all single children are like that. But those are some things you
need to prepare and pay attention to. Because an only child is different from
the others. If you get the right affection, an only child will all out return
that affection.

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