5 Signs Motorcycle Tires Must Be Replaced

DELTASION.com – Who likes to be late for a motorcycle tire change? If
you are one of them, beware. Because many motorcycle accidents are triggered
by tires. It could be because of a bald tire that continues to be used, it
could also be because the tire suddenly bursts.

Therefore, always pay attention to the condition of your tires. If it’s time
to replace it, replace it immediately. Don’t wait for an incident to happen,
okay? Because the consequences can be fatal. So, here are the signs that it’s
time for tires to be retired.

1. Already covered a distance of 10 thousand km

5 Signs Motorcycle Tires Must Be Replaced

Did you know that the front and rear tires have different lifespans? Front
tires are usually only designed to be used up to 12 thousand km. While the
rear tires are about 10 thousand km. Please check whether your motorcycle
tires have passed that distance. If so, please replace it.

2. Tire grooves start to thin

5 Signs Motorcycle Tires Must Be Replaced

Tires whose grooves start to thin are often called bald or bald tires. If your
tires are in this condition, they must be replaced immediately. Because bald
tires will no longer bite the asphalt to the maximum. If that’s the case, the
risk of slipping will be enormous.

In addition, bald tires will also reduce the appearance of the motorbike
significantly and are very dangerous when passing through puddles.

There are some parts of the tire that can protrude from hitting the hole very
hard. If so, the control of the motor can be very disturbed. Please check if
there is a lump on your motorcycle tire. If there is, you should immediately
buy a new one, yes.

4. Too many patches

5 Signs Motorcycle Tires Must Be Replaced

Tubeless tires will not suddenly go flat. But there is a maximum limit that
tubeless tires can bear. Therefore, if your tubeless tires have been patched
more than twice, they should be replaced recently. Because the patch will
reduce tire performance. In appearance, tires with patches also look less

5. Service life of tubeless tires

5 Signs Motorcycle Tires Must Be Replaced

FYI, tubeless tires have a lifespan, you know. You can use tubeless front
tires for 1-1.5 years. While the tubeless rear tires can only be used for a
span of 10-12 months. This lifetime is to ensure the tire’s performance
remains excellent. But many bikers ignore the time period of this tire.

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