5 French Cuisine Using Basil Leaves

5 French Cuisine Using Basil Leaves

DELTASION.com – Basil or basil leaves are often used in French cooking
to add a distinctive aroma and taste. Basil is an important spice in Italian
and French cooking because of its fresh aroma that is commonly used.

This makes it a suitable component to be processed into seasonings and
garnishes to add flavor to delicious French dishes. You can see the use of
basil or basil in French cuisine from the following points.

1. Salami wrapped meatloaf with basil

5 French Cuisine Using Basil Leaves

The first creation is a meatloaf or ground beef wrapped in salami along with
cheese filling. Salami itself is a large sausage that is generally made from
pork. Basil flakes in the meat will add extra flavor and aroma.

The addition of melted cheese will also give the meat a delicious taste. This
recipe is easy to make and will result in a delicious and satisfying meal.

2. Lemon basil tart

5 French Cuisine Using Basil Leaves

This sweet treat combines the fresh taste of basil and the sour taste of lemon
to produce a unique and refreshing taste sensation. This tart is made of
crispy tarte skin with lemon gel filling and lemon basil cream.

The basil and lemon used give it a fresh aroma and taste, making this tart
suitable to be enjoyed as a dessert after the main meal. This lemon basil tart
is very easy to make with a very attractive presentation.

3. French toast

5 French Cuisine Using Basil Leaves

The next French creation is a breakfast dish that combines the savory taste of
toasted bread with the aroma and fresh taste of caramelized tomatoes, basil,
cheese and shallots.

This French toast is lightly toasted for a soft, crunchy texture. The addition
of fresh basil makes this dish even tastier and fresher while providing a
beautiful finishing touch.

4. Basil garlic nicoise pasta

5 French Cuisine Using Basil Leaves

This pasta dish combines French and Italian flavors. This dish is made of
spaghetti mixed with pesto sauce which is cream, basil and garlic. Not only
that, other ingredients are also added such as pepper, parmesan cheese, and
olive oil.

The addition of basil and garlic makes this dish delicious and aromatic. Other
ingredients also provide a special combination of flavors. This pasta dish is
also very easy to make for a delicious lunch or dinner.

5. Ratatouille

5 French Cuisine Using Basil Leaves

Ratatouille is a traditional French dish consisting of various vegetables such
as eggplants, peppers, courgettes, onions and garlic, which are grilled and
mixed together.

The process of making ratatouille is very easy and does not take much time
making it the perfect choice for everyday dishes. The addition of basil and
olive oil is usually for garnishes so that the appearance is not monotonous.

All of these dishes are very easy to make and have a delicious and fresh taste
of basil. You can make these preparations as an alternative to processing your
basil leaves today.

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