4 Ways to Merge Word Files into One Document, Anti-Complicated!

4 Ways to Merge Word Files into One Document, Anti-Complicated!
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DELTASION.com – How to combine Word files is easy, you know, gang. This
method is very useful for students who are working on their thesis or office
workers who want to put their important documents together.

Sometimes, when creating a document, we separate each section to make sorting
easier. However, after everything is done, we even have trouble putting these
files together.

There are also conditions where we find a lot of documents for school or work
references. Of course, to make it easier to read, these documents should be

Don’t worry! ApkVenue has a way to combine Word files, PDFs, and other formats
easily and without hassle. Read the tutorial to the end, yes!

1. How to Merge Multiple Different Documents in Microsoft Word

The easiest way to merge Microsoft Word files is to use the program itself.
There is an embedded feature to bring together several different documents,
you know.

>This method is very suitable for those of you who are writing a thesis,
because separate chapters can be combined easily. How to use this feature?
Check out Jaka’s steps below.

  1. Open the Microsoft Word document in question
  2. Place the cursor at the desired page position
  3. Go to Insert tab > Object > Text From File
  4. Select the Create from File tab
  5. Click Browse
  6. Select the document you want to add
  7. Sort documents as you wish
  8. Click the Insert tab
  9. Select OK

2. How to Merge 2 Document Versions of the Same Fil

Well, if in the case you want to combine 2 original versions of documents and
a revised version into one, you can use this step to make the process faster.

How to combine Word 2019 files is still using Microsoft Word, really, gang.
However, the function we run is different. Please look at the method from Jaka

  1. Open the Word file you want to merge
  2. Select the Review or Tools tab
  3. Click Compare at the top right of the window
  4. Select the Combine option
  5. In the first drop down menu, select Original Document
  6. Next to it, click Revised Document
  7. Enter a name in the Label Unmarked Changes with box
  8. Click More >>>
  9. Pay attention to the Show Changes section in
  10. Check the New Document section
  11. Click OK

Later, the two versions of this document will be combined in one merged
document. There will be 3 documents displayed in three panels: original
document, merged document, and revised document.

3. Unify Microsoft Word Files Online on PC and Mobile

If you don’t succeed using the method above, you can combine your Word files
through an online platform. There are many websites that provide this service,
ranging from DocSoSo, smallpdf, and others.

Even though there are many platforms, how to combine Word files on HP and PC
has almost the same method, really. You simply upload files and do a document

To be more clear, please check the following ways to merge Word files online.

  1. Go to the document merger website (select below)
  2. Click Choose file
  3. Upload the files you want to merge
  4. Make sure the file order is correct
  5. Choose the final document format (docx, pdf, etc.)
  6. Press Merge
  7. Download the file and see the result. If it is neat, then the merger process
    is successful!

The following are recommendations for websites that provide services for
combining Word, Excel, and PDF files:

4. How to Merge Word and PDF Files Into One

Apparently, there is a way to combine Word and PDF files into one, you know.
You do this by changing one of the documents to have the same format as the
other documents.

For example, a Word file is converted to a PDF. Later, there will be 2 PDF
documents that you can combine.

This method can not only be used to combine Word and PDF files, but also files
with other extensions such as .ppt, .jpg, .xls, and others. Check out the
steps below!

  1. Go to the file conversion site on Zamzar
  2. Upload the file you want to convert (eg Word to PDF)
  3. Click Convert
  4. Download the converted file
  5. Go to one of the online file merger websites above
  6. Upload the converted file and any other files you want to merge
  7. Make sure the file order is correct
  8. Choose the final document format (docx, pdf, etc.)
  9. Press Merge
  10. Files merged successfully!

If the Zamzar site cannot be opened, please access the following alternative

The final word

These are a number of ways to combine Word files, be it 2 different documents,
2 versions of similar documents, to large numbers of documents.

You can choose this method according to your needs. This method can be done on
PC and HP. Especially for method numbers 1, 2, and 3, ApkVenue recommends you
use a PC to make it more optimal.

If you are away from your PC, please use the online file merger method, okay?
Good luck!

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