4 Early Symptoms of Matic Car Damage

4 Early Symptoms of Matic Car Damage

DELTASION.com – Driving a car with automatic transmission or AT is easy
and practical. Because we don’t need to change teeth. Just gas-brake, just

But, compared to manual transmission cars, automatic cars need extra
attention. Because if there is damage to the transmission system, the cost of
repairs can make the savings break down.

So, here are four early signs of damage to your automatic car. This is very
important for those of you who are looking for a used automatic car. Check it
out, huh!

1. There is a strange sound when shifting transmission

4 Early Symptoms of Matic Car Damage
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Usually there is a “crack” or “track” sound, basically another strange sound
when switching transmission from N to D and P to R.

This could be a sign of damage to the automatic transmission (AT) car

2. Vibrates when driven

4 Early Symptoms of Matic Car Damage

When you drive and then you feel a strange, unusual vibration from the car

Most likely it is the clutch lining that is thirsty or the worst possibility
is that it will burn

3. Transmission shifts sometimes get stuck

4 Early Symptoms of Matic Car Damage

Several cases of car hiccups when shifting transmission, not a few who think
this is normal.

However, if left unchecked, this can get worse and the transmission gears can
lock, which is clearly dangerous.

This generally occurs in reverse (R) transmission mode. For that you can check
the gearbox cable whether it is peeled off or not.

4. There is a jolt when automatic gearshift

4 Early Symptoms of Matic Car Damage
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If while driving it feels like someone is crashing from behind, then you
should be suspicious

It could be an initial damage to the electronic or mechanical system, such as
a leak in the solenoid pressure, so the oil cannot lubricate perfectly when
shifting gears.

So, if you have any of the above symptoms, you should immediately take your
car to a repair shop.

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